Corporate Overview


Corporate Overview

Ikona Gear's revolutionary gear technology was invented in Russia between 1986 and 1991 for a lightweight, long-range, military assault helicopter. Laith Nosh, our founder, acquired the rights to the new gear invention and imported the technology to North America. From 1992 to 2001 Ikona Gear engineers, under the skillful direction of Dr. John R. Colbourne, a world renowned gearing expert, perfected the revolutionary gear design and patented it.

Our mission is the development and commercialization of powertrain products that incorporate our unique, versatile and patented gear technology, as well as more traditional gearing technologies. Our patented gear inventions are available for licensing, joint development opportunities, or development of custom product designs to meet your application requirements.

We sell our technology via royalty agreements. We provide competitive technological advantage in exchange for repeat royalty payments. Our customers receive a relatively inexpensive engineering design phase and then provide us periodic royalty payments from successful marketing of their end-user applications which incorporate our patented Ikona Gear.

We have assembled a unique combination of a revolutionary patented gear technology and the world's most sophisticated mechanical and gear design engineers this combination enables engineers around the world to leverage Ikona's engineering expertise into innovative engineering applications to meet our clients' needs.

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