Oil & Gas

Innovative power transmission solutions patented technology.

Oil & Gas

Ikona provides a family of mud pump gear drives, hoisting drawworks and speed increasers that have established new standards within the oil and gas industry for their efficiency, weight and small footprint on the drilling platform.

Ikona's Drawworks are 50-60% smaller and lighter than all competing products - a critical feature for offshore drilling applications where space and weight are at a premium. Their rugged, compact and lightweight design facilitates the ease of relocating a rig between drilling locations, reducing downtime and providing Ikona's customers with a significant competitive advantage.

Ikona's Mud Pump Drives enable oil and gas packagers to reduce the overall footprint of the Mud Pump package by up to 40 percent. Their compact footprint eases permitting requirements, making the Mud Pump system easier and less costly to transport, which minimizes rig downtime.

Ikona's products are backed by the industry's best warranty (12 months of operation or 18 months from shipping, whichever expires first).

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