Continuously Variable Drives

A wider speed range.

Continuously Variable Drives


Ikona tooth-form has received recognition for its suitability in high-ratio, cycloid-type reduction units. As with all units utilizing cycloid architecture, the high ratio is achieved between the eccentric and either the pinion or the ring-gear. It is very important to note that, providing the eccentric is restrained from rotation, the ratio between the ring-gear and the pinion is near 1:1, which makes it suitable for “coupling” application. When used as such, and by allowing the eccentric to rotate in a controlled manner, we effectively create a CVT coupling suitable for speed modulation.

The Ikona CVT can be used as the basis of a clutch and of a differential. In both cases, these new devices have considerable advantages over existing clutches and differentials, the most notable ones being:

  • utilization of energy normally lost to heat
  • controllability
  • repeatability
Ikona CVT based clutches, torque converters and differentials can become active, rather than passive, members of any vehicle, greatly contributing to vehicle efficiency, dynamics and safety.