Gear Drive Arrangements

Ikona possesses a unique patented gear design technology which enables extremely high gear ratios to be achieved in a single stage of gearing

Gear Drive Arrangements

IKONA will custom build your gear design solution with Ikona's patented gear technology, the only technology that enables internal gear-sets with only one tooth difference, resulting in a much higher meshing of gears, a more compact design, and significantly higher gear ratios very important factors, especially in plastic gearing solutions.

Eccentric inline planetary gears

Our gear pairs operate as eccentric inline planetary gears that can be arranged as a single reduction or fixed differential reduction in their most simple forms, or in many other planetary arrangements.

There are dozens of arrangements of planetary systems, which have been used for decades and are commonly known as "simple" planetary. They can be single, double, triple planetary, etc., then "Fixed Differential", "Compound" planetary, "Double Eccentric" Planetary, "Coupled" planetary, etc. There are numerous arrangements, and any arrangement that uses an internally toothed gear can potentially be used with our technology.

The most basic gearbox arrangements are:

  1. Single stage with eccentric coupling:
    With only a single stage, to extract useful torque from the gearbox, eccentric coupling is needed.

  2. Fixed-differential:
    A gear reducer with two separate internal gears, and two planet gears joined as one rotating member.