Tooth Profiles

Ikona possesses a unique patented gear design technology which enables extremely high gear ratios to be achieved in a single stage of gearing

Tooth Profiles

Non-involute profile

The Ikona tooth form is a non-involute profile. The gear mesh consists of an external and internal tooth pair that are unique for each design. They are specifically matched to provide maximum performance in the smallest size possible.

There is no contact at Top Dead Centre (see diagram) in the Ikona Gear Technology. Instead, there is symmetrical contact on either side of the line of centers.

This makes the Ikona Tooth Profile a natural candidate for any low backlash application. With conventional involute gearing, the closer a gear mesh gets to zero backlash, the more chance that even the slightest tolerance errors will cause gear jamming due to contact on both sides of the gear tooth.

With the Ikona Tooth Form, even at zero backlash, there is still ample clearance on the non-meshing side of the tooth.

The contact path of an Ikona Gear pair is not a straight line. Instead it is a smooth curve, specifically designed for low sliding velocities and high efficiencies. Watch the motion in the animation to the right.

Animated presentation